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Spring 2023 Issue of the PR Theological Journal Now Available!

The Spring 2023 issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal is now available - both in print and in digital forms! Digital editions are available on the PRTJ webpage and print copies were mailed today to those on our mailing list. If you want to be added to our mailing list (either print or digital) or wish to pick up a copy at the seminary, contact Sharon, the seminary secretary (

The Spring issue includes articles on a distinctive feature of PRC teaching on the covenant of grace, on the biblical and Reformed view of the image of God in man from a conference in Mexico, on R.L. Dabney's "proposals of mercy," and the first part of a his

tory of Classis West of the PRC - and, of course, several significant book reviews.

Prof. Doug Kuiper, the editor of the PRTJ, includes these notes to introduce this issue:

"The faculty of the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary is pleased to present another issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal.

"Several of the articles in this issue are the written version of past speeches. Every member of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America, and many of her friends, are aware of the doctrinal controversy that the PRCA has endured in recent years. Some decisions of Synod 2018 addressed issues in the controversy. Prof. Brian Huizinga’s article in this issue reflects what Synod 2018 said about the relationship between our obedience and our enjoying of covenant fellowship with God. He also demonstrates that the clarification Synod gave to the matter accords with statements of notable theologians of the PRCA throughout her history. This article is a revision of a speech that Prof. Huizinga gave in Hull, IA in October 2022.

"The next three articles are the written, and in some instances expanded, version of speeches that Rev. John Marcus and Prof. Ronald Cammenga gave at a conference in Mexico during the summer of 2022. A footnote at the beginning of Rev. Marcus’ first article gives more information about the conference. The doctrinal subject of the conference was the image of God in mankind. Rev. Marcus presents two articles, one regarding why God created mankind in His image (for fellowship!), and the other regarding the effect of the fall on that image (completely lost, and restored only by grace).

"While Rev. Marcus’ second article underscores the relevance of the topic for theological reasons (it makes necessary a sovereign, divine work of salvation), Prof. Cammenga’s article demonstrates how our awareness of and gratitude for being restored to God’s image must affect our entire life in relation to God and our neighbor.

"Emeritus Prof. David Engelsma submits a contribution regarding the Presbyterian theologian Robert Dabney’s view of the well-meant offer of the gospel. Prof. Engelsma points out where Dabney went wrong in teaching this doctrine. In one respect, Prof. Engelsma notes, Dabney’s view differed from many proponents of the well-meant Protestant Reformed Theological Journal 2 Vol. 56, No. 2 offer today: Dabney denied that God was expressing a desire for the salvation of every single human who hears the gospel.

"My articles on the history of our seminary will continue in every November issue, God willing, until the history is completed. This issue contains the first installment of the history of Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches as an ecclesiastical body.

"Book reviews are an important part of any theological journal. Three of the books reviewed in this issue regard modern-day “Calvinism,” better known as “Kuyperianism.” Two regard the history and work of other Reformed denominations; two regard biblical studies; and one regards the paradoxical life of the paradoxical theologian, Karl Barth.

"May the book reviews whet your appetite to read good books.

"May the articles strengthen your desire to live a godly, Christian life, founded on sound doctrine.

"May this issue be another occasion for you to remember our seminary in your prayers. Many of you do, we know, and for this we are thankful.

"Finally, may the name of our faithful, covenant God be exalted in our words and lives."

Read on and benefit from this diverse collection of material!

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