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"Study to shew thyself approved unto God...."
2 Tim.2:15

For information on applying to the PRC Seminary, contact the registrar, Mr. Charles Terpstra, at or 616-531-1490, ext. 105.

PRC Students

“Send us wood, and we shall send you back arrows." (John Calvin)


The PRC has great need of men called and qualified to lead and shepherd the Lord's people, both in the local church and on the mission field.

The PRC Synod 2022 again took a decision to place the urgent need for seminary students before our churches. The next prospect for seminary graduates in our churches is not for another two years.


Please remember in your prayers to petition the Lord of the harvest for pastors, and please encourage young men, whom you observe to have the gifts, to consider the ministry.


Parents, encourage your sons to consider the ministry. Contact your pastor for help in determining whether the Lord of the harvest is calling you.

US and Foreign Students

Are you seeking the gospel ministry and would like to lead God's people in the Reformed faith and practice according to the Word of God? Please consider the PRC Seminary as you evaluate your alternatives.

Our sister churches in Singapore, N. Ireland, and the Philippines as well as the Evangelical Presbyterian Churches of Australia send their students to the PRC seminary, and these men have added richly to the life of the seminary.

The PRC seminary is committed to a robust, confessional Calvinism and Reformed world and life view. We have prepared many ministers of the Word since 1925.


Download our catalog below in PDF format.


PRTS Catalog
(Updated Fall 2023)

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