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1st  Semester 2023-24

The first semester of the new PRTS school year (2023-24) will begin, the Lord willing, on Tuesday, August 29, 2023. Convocation will be held at Hope PRC in Walker MI on Sept.6.


Below is a pdf of the full schedule of classes for the new semester as well as the calendar (for which see also below).

1st Semester Calendar

  • Orientation: Monday, August 28

  • Classes Begin: Tuesday, August 29

  • Convocation: Wednesday, Sept.6

  • Classis West OBC - Crete PRC, Sept.26

  • Reading Recess: Oct.26-27

  • Thanksgiving break: Nov.23-24

  • Final day of classes: Friday, Dec.15

  • Exams: Dec.18-22

  • Holiday break: Dec.23-Jan.7

  • Interim: Jan.8-17 - Prof. Dykstra - 1953

  • 2nd Semester begins: Jan.23

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