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Interviews on Dordt 400 - Podcast Now Available!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

*Update: Audio of the two interviews referenced below may now be found here. Even if you missed the live broadcast and can listen to both of them now.

Listen to two special interviews TODAY - Wednesday, April 3 - (from 4-6 pm (ET)) involving two of our seminary professors!

Both Prof. Doug Kuiper (Church History and NT) and Prof. David Engelsma (emeritus, Dogmatics and OT) will be interviewed on the live Internet program Iron Sharpens Iron.

Host Chris Arntzen will interview Prof. Kuiper on the subject of his upcoming Dordt400 Conference speech, “The Doctrine of the Covenant in the Canons of Dordt,” while he will interview Prof. Engelsma on the subject of “The Great War: What Led to the Synod of Dordt?”

These back-to-back interviews will take place TODAY, Wednesday, April 3, from 4-6 pm (ET). Visit the "Iron Sharpens Iron" link above and follow the instructions to the live-stream of these instructive and edifying interviews.


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