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Introducing the Spring 2021 PRT Journal

The Spring 2021 issue of the PR Theological Journal is now available - digitally on the Journal webpage - and this week in print! If you wish to be added to our mailing list to receive the Journal free of charge, kindly let us know. Email our secretary, Sharon Kleyn, at

Editor Prof. R. Cammenga introduces this new issue with the following notes:

"The second issue of volume 54 of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal includes a number of worthwhile articles. Hopefully, the titles and my introductory remarks whet the appetites of our readers.

"The lead article in this issue is the transcription of a speech that Dr. Brendan Looyenga gave under the auspices of the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary. The speech was well attended and warmly received. At our request, Dr. Looyenga has submitted the speech for publication in our journal. As an experienced former educator in a Reformed university, he calls attention to a fatal flaw in most professedly Christian institutions of higher learning. It is the fatal flaw explicitly promoted by institutions that embrace Neo-Kuyperian theology. Using the language coined by Martin Luther in the days of the Reformation, he demonstrates that most Reformed and Presbyterian colleges and universities are driven by a theology of glory, rather than the theology of the cross. He points out the devastating consequences that follow from this approach. All pastors, elders, and educators, as well as parents with college-age young people, will profit from this insightful article. They will be equipped to warn their young people attending Christian colleges of the dangers of the Neo-Kuyperian theology of glory.

"Mr. Peter Vander Schaaf favors our readers with another translation of an important section in Dr. H. Bouwman’s Gereformeerd Kerkrecht. The matter of the ecclesiastical holidays has always been a somewhat controversial subject in the history of the Reformed church. The translation is preceded by a valuable introduction to this section in Bouwman’s work on church polity. Mr. Vander Schaaf shows himself to be an excellent translator as he makes this classic Dutch work available to English readers for the first time.

"Dr. Marco Barone favors our readers with an article on the doctrine of the covenant, particularly the prototype of God’s covenant in His own triune life within the Godhead. He defends the truth of the simplicity of God as it bears on the doctrine of the intra-trinitarian covenant life of God. And he defends the truth that the essence of the covenant is friendship and fellowship.

"As always, this issue features a number of profitable book reviews of recently published theological works. This is generally one of the most worthwhile sections of a theological journal. We hope that our readers find this to be the case with PRTJ. If there are recently published books that our readers would like to see reviewed in the pages of our journal, by all means send us an email. Include the title, author, and publisher and we will do our best to secure a review copy of the book and recommend it for review.

"May you profit from the contents of this issue of PRTJ, intellectually and spiritually. And may we be better equipped to be of service to Christ’s church.

"Soli Deo Gloria!"

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