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The Issue with A. Kuyper's Common Grace

Earlier this month, Prof. David Engelsma (emeritus PRTS professor in the PRCA) was asked to carry on a discussion of his book Christianizing the World: Reformed Calling or Ecclesiastical Suicide? on the podcast "Conversations That Matter."

In this discussion Prof. Engelsma introduces the listeners to the Dutch churchman, theologian, and politician, Abraham Kuyper, and interacts with his teaching on common grace, a much-discussed doctrine in our day.

You will be instructed and challenged by this significant discussion. Below is information from the publisher of Prof. Engelsma's book, the Reformed Free Publishing Association.

"Give a listen to author David Engelsma as he explains the heart of his book Christianizing the World, Kuyper's doctrine of "Common Grace," and its impact on modern evangelicalism on the "Conversations That Matter" podcast with host Jon Harris. "

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Listen to the podcast episode on Spotify here.

Listen to the podcast episode on Apple Podcasts here.

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