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A New Professor's Mantle and Mandate

Rev. B. Huizinga stands to answer questions for his installation as professor of theology

This past Wednesday during a special worship service in Grandville (MI) PRC, Rev. Brian L. Huizinga was installed as the fifth professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament in the history of the PR Theological Seminary. Part of the service involved the reading of the "Form for the Installation of Professors of Theology". At the end of the Form are four questions, to which Rev. Huizinga stood to answer, "Yes, with all my heart."

In this post we quote from a portion of the Form that emphasizes the need for sound training for ministers of the Word and points to the specific calling of the professors equipped to carry this out.

Since, however, Paul in Romans 3:2 expressly declares that the church of the old dispensation, and therefore also the church of the new dispensation, was given the special prerogative that to her were entrusted the oracles of God, it follows therefore that the Church has a divine mission to proclaim the word of God, to collect from the Word of God her standards of faith, to study theology according to these words, and further to advance what is in direct connection with this study.
Conscious of this calling our Church has also established a Theological School and called the reverend brother, N.N., to devote his talents to this School.
In behalf of our Church the Curators charge thee, esteemed brother, with the task of instructing and establishing in the knowledge of God's Word the students who hope once to minister in his Church. Expound to them the mysteries of the faith; caution them in regard to the errors and heresies of the old, but especially of the new day; seek to explain how they not alone as teachers are to instruct but also as pastors are to shepherd the flock of the Lord. Assist in maintaining order and discipline among the disciples, that our Seminary may continue to enjoy the respect, the support, the appreciation, the love and the prayer of the Church. Be a good example to the students, that they may not only profit from thy learning, but also find in thee a living illustration of the power and practice of true godliness.
Be engaged in all of this according to the measure of the gifts God gave thee, in dependence on the Lord's help and the light of the Holy Spirit.

May we be in prayer for this newly installed professor as well as for all of our current professors, that they may be faithful to this mandate of Christ's church.

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