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New Titles in the Library - January 2019

This week on our new seminary blog we feature a few new titles added to the library this month. We choose three books for their significance and diversity.

The first is a new English translation of Abraham Kuyper's early volumes of meditations (200 in all), titled Honey from the Rock: Daily Devotions from Young Kuyper (Lexham Press, 2018, hardcover, 741pp.). One endorsement contains these words concerning Kuyper and his works of this kind (George Harinck, professor of history at the Free University of Amsterdam and Theological University of Kampen):

Kuyper is best known for his Christian vision of cultural engagement. This is his legacy, but in Kuyper’s times he was beloved among the Reformed people in the first place for his weekly meditations. In these reflections on a Bible verse, Kuyper opened his heart to his readers by meditating about the personal relation with God in a creative, personal, and inspiring way. Of all Kuyper’s publications, his volumes with meditations sold best. His meditations seem largely to have been forgotten, and therefore it is more than apt that James de Jong translated one of the most famous volumes and presents the religious Kuyper to a new audience. If you want to learn to know Kuyper, his meditations are the best entree to his biography and work.

A second title is significant for the 400th anniversary of the Synod of Dordt (1618-19). it was published late last Fall and is part of the Refo500 Academic Studies Series (#51): The Doctrine of Election in Reformed Perspective: Historical and Theological Investigations of the Synod of Dordt 1618-1619 (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2018, 260 pp.).

Concerning this work the publisher gives us this information:

In 11 essays The Doctrine of Election in Reformed Perspective reflect ongoing investigations concerning the doctrine of election, with special focus on the Synod of Dort 1618–19. Important lines of demarcation between different Reformed orthodox groups and denominations find their root divergence, as well as historical concentration point, in relation to this very issue. The ongoing research presented in this collection can open up a fresh field of fertile investigation for theological discussion. Moreover, she may lead to interdisciplinary perspectives and a cooperative approach to research, also beyond the field of theology. For this too is the field of philosophers and historians, those who trace the history of Christianity or are studying early modern Europe.
The volume consists of three sections. In the first Part three essays reflect historical and philosophical issues before the Synod of Dort. Part Two explores aspects of the Synod of Dort itself. The focus in Part Three is on the reception of the Synod of Dort. Finally, the following question is answered: How were the Canons of Dort regarded in the 17th–19th century, and what does the history of their editions tell us?

The third new title we feature is one significant for the area of practical theology. It is Holding Fast the Faithful Word: Sermons and Addresses by Samuel Miller (Reformation Heritage Books, 2019; hardcover, 600 pp.). Miller (1769–1850) was a Presbyterian minister and served as professor of ecclesiastical history and church government at Princeton Theological Seminary.

The publisher provides this summary of the book:

Resolved, that, by the grace of God, I will not merge my office as a minister of the gospel, in that of professor. I will still preach as often as my Master gives me opportunity and strength. I am persuaded that no minister of the gospel, to whatever office he may be called, ought to give up preaching. He owes it to his ordination vows, to his office, to his Master, to the church of God, to his own character, to his own soul, to go on preaching to his last hour. Lord, give me grace to act on this principle!
With this commitment in place, Samuel Miller entered his career at Princeton Seminary determined not to allow his professorial duties to diminish his calling as a minister of the gospel. And with such conviction, Miller did, indeed, continue preaching unto the last days of his life. Holding Fast the Faithful Word collects a number of sermons Miller had published during his ministry. Miller’s sermons are models of organizational clarity. His main headings are easily discerned, and he always provides practical applications from the doctrines contained in his discourses.

All of these new books are processed and ready for checkout. To browse all the resources in our library, visit the online library catalog page.

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