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So You Are Thinking about the Ministry...?

If you as a young man (or older) are carefully and prayerfully considering the ministry of the gospel, Prof. B. Gritters has written a fine summary of some things for you to consider and do as you prepare academically and spiritually.

Here is a list of four things he recommends (and the rest of the seminary faculty):

1. Read and study I Tim. 3:1-7. Ask your elders and minister to help evaluate your qualifications for the ministry. Meet with them. Ask them to be open and frank with you....
2. Take an active part in the whole life of your congregation—both official and organic. Ask yourself, “Do I love the saints?” (see John 21:15-17). Pray for the heart of a servant: visit old saints on Sunday afternoons, ministering to them, listening to them especially regarding the history of the congregation and denomination. Ask good questions.
3. Seek opportunities to teach. You must develop in and be judged regarding this most important qualification for the ministry. Without being forward or presumptuous, ask your consistory if they might allow you to teach Sunday School or lead Young People’s Society.
4. Read Scripture systematically, and memorize Scripture. Develop good private devotional habits.

To read the rest of these helpful suggestions for prospective students, visit this page.

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