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The Needed Light of Biblical Counseling

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

In the new issue of the PR Theological Journal (Spring 2019), Rev. G. Eriks, pastor of Hudsonville PRC (MI), submitted a fine article explaining the need for biblical counseling in our day.

Below are a few of his opening thoughts. You are encouraged to read the rest at the link provided at the end.

When God’s people struggle with these spiritual problems, where should they go? Who is competent and qualified to counsel? What are the options? Should they go to the professional, secular psychologist because he is the “expert” in these issues? Or should they go to their medical doctor for medication? Or should they be sent to Christian counselors, who have integrated secular psychology and Christian truth? Is the answer to be found in pastors, elders, and church members pursuing more education in psychology? Or should the church counsel with God’s Word? Or is the answer found in some combination of these options? These are the difficult questions the church faces today.
God’s people who are hurting and struggling with spiritual issues and sin, should seek biblical counsel from pastors, elders, deacons, and fellow church members. God’s people should seek biblical counseling and not secular psychology or counseling that seeks to synthesize the two. Instead, the church should be addressing these spiritual problems with biblical truth because the church has the Scriptures, which are sufficient.
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