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The Seminary's Dordt 400 Conference Coming Soon! April 25-27, 2019

We hope you are preparing to attend the Dordt400 Conference sponsored by the PRC Seminary! The three-day event is scheduled for April 25-27. Visit the conference website for more information - and be sure to check out the blog, where Prof. D. Kuiper is posting fascinating reports on the sessions of the "great Synod" of 1618-19.

Here's the latest announcement about the event:

The seminary-sponsored conference celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Great Synod will be held April 25-27, at Trinity PRC! Please make plans to come to hear important speeches, see displays of 400-year-old artifacts from Dordt, learn the winners of the writing contest, and meet PRC friends coming from at least 10 different countries! Speakers are our seminary professors; Revs. B. Huizinga and W. Langerak; and Rev. A. Stewart (CPRC NI) and Rev. M. Shand (EPC Australia). The conference will be live-streamed via Trinity’s web-site for those unable to attend. For more information, see

There will also be book tables (RFPA and more) and special ministry displays (Reformed Witness Hour, for example).

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