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Videos of Seminary Dordt400 Conference Now Available!

Rev. B. Huizinga speaks at the seminary's Dordt400 Conference in April.

The videos of the speeches and historical presentations from the PRC Seminary's Dordt400 Conference held in late April of this year are now available on the seminary's YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, the videos for one of the speeches (by Prof. B. Gritters) and for one historical presentation (by Prof. R. Dykstra) did not turn out, but the audio files are fine.

If you are interested in CD's or DVDs of the recent Dordt 400 Conference, please send your request to trinityprc1@gmail.com.

Earlier it was reported that the audio files were available, and if you prefer those, you may find them here.

If you missed the speeches at the conference, or want to refresh your mind, now's your chance to listen to them!

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